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While the world of securitisation may seem complex, complicated and confusing to some, we believe it can actually be quite simple. As an experienced intermediary and interface, we are accustomed to making important decisions easily comprehensible. Therefore, we combine necessary resources like long time experiences and suitable know-how in our Digital House of Securities.

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As the Luxembourg Master Administrator for Securitisation Platforms, Compartments and its Service Companies, we specialise in managing structures and products as well as all related processes. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to our clients, so they can achieve their financial objectives with confidence and ease.



If you need further information on specific securitisation topics or structures, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



Securitisation can be applied to a wide range of assets that generate predictable cash flows. Unlike some investment strategies, there are very few diversification requirements.


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is renowned worldwide for its Securitisation Law, which offers a level of individuality and flexibility unmatched by most other jurisdictions.


The Luxembourg Securitisation Law does not impose any restrictions on the basis of assets that can be securitised. Our approach to securitisation can be defined as the solution between initiator, investment requirements and the regulatory framework.

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