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Master Administrator

securities.lu is a specialised back-office provider for Luxembourg-based Securitisation Platforms, Compartments and it’s Service Companies, managing and administering bank-independent and insolvency-protected securitisation solutions.

Securitisation Expert

As an intermediary securitisation Expert, we respond precisely to the ideas and expactations of our clients. Our primary goal is, to develop a suitable and custom-fit architecture behind the securitisation requirements. We assume responsibility on behalf of our clients for setting up and managing the asset structures to be securitised. Our holistic approach enables us to odder comprehensive issuing advice as well as a fast, smooth and uncomplicated set-up.

Digital Approach

We are convinced that digital solutions are one of the main keys to our continued success. To make procedures more lean, faster and consistent, we implemented our own web-based software solution. Our clients and early adopters will benefit from broad insights in their own products and tailor-made securitisation solutions. This approach is nothing less than a rethinking and reinvention to our entire business fo securitisations.

Service Provider

Our service-portfolio includes the support in structuring different parameters of Compartment, acting as a (sub-) service provider for various number of Administration and Calculation Agents and coordinating possible (stock-) listings. It’s our mission to provide professional advice, efficient implementation, and constant maintenance to our clients. We focus on the unique approach of each initiative to create tailor-made securitisation solutions for our clients.

in a nutshell



securities.lu is specialised in back-office services for the whole range of securitisation solutions. We are based in Luxembourg and Germany and firmly rooted at the European financial services market. With our long-time experiences and an always innovative mindset we elaborated a truthfully intuition for developments and client requirements. Our broad knowledge of the basic application areas in administration, structuring and processing enables us to venture into new areas and explore hidden potetials. We can proudly say that we are reimagine and simplify our business by digitizing necessary steps, parameters and whole processes to create a suitable and straightforward All-in-One solution for our clients.