A Securitisation Platform is a digital platform to streamline and automats the Securitisation Process. This platform enables financial institutions and investors to access, manage and trade securitised assets in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. In essence, a Securitisation Platform can be understood as a bank-independent and insolvency-protected entity that is administrated by a specialised back-office service provider known as a Service Company. A Securitisation Platform typically includes features such as:





Data management: The platform is equipped to collect and store data related to underlying assets such as loan information and payment histories.

Risk analysis: tools to analyse and assess the risk associated with securitised assets such as credit risk and market risk.

Deal management: functionality for creating, structuring and executing securitisation transactions.

Trading and settlement: The platform facilitates the real-time trading and settlement of securitised assets.

The use of Securitisation Platforms can enhance the efficiency, transparency and speed of the Securitisation Process. This makes it easier for financial institutions and investors to participate in the market, ultimately facilitating more effective capital allocation.